Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Great Canadian Bungee- An adventure of a lifetime!

The Great Canadian Bungee-

Sunday August 31st, 2008. In search of continued extreme adventures (and a need to do something completely nuts to fill a 'void') my journey begins...again...Feel the adrenaline with me...Picture this: 200 feet up high on a tower...the boys who prep you for your jump call "next jumper"...I walk towards them where I am greeted by an Aussie Dive Master, Nick,a guy with dread locked hair and another guy from Chilie. The Aussie guy who spoke to me earlier that day calls out "aw, this girls got no fear, she's can handle it put her in the water"...They check and double check my harnest and make sure I'm hooked in right.I'm asked to walk towards the platform...the Chilian opens up the gate so that I can stand at the edge...I look down...there are people on the ground calling out but all I hear is indistinct 'white noise'...the countdown starts...5...4...3...2...1....I jump!...I scream all the way down...landing head first into a few feet of water I spring back almost all the way back towards the platform. ...At the 2nd free fall decend my shoe falls off...I stop screaming...all I can think of is 'oh shizah, where the heck is my shoe and how the heck am I going to go zip lining next without it....' The springing of the cord begins to slow down...there is someone at the bottom in a raft who grabs onto my arms and brings me safely back onto gravity'---we find my shoe...its floating just a few feet away....thank lining would have definately been interesting bare foot...what a rush!Will I ever do it again?!?! Hellz yeah! I was ready right after this jump! LOL! ;)


Gina said...

So Hey....We'll be staying put for Lyric's birthday. My parents should be coming down, not sure if Anthony and Charlie are coming as well or not, but I wanted to invite you down as well for her birthday on the 27th. We'll be taking her to Chuck E Cheese I think as we won't be coming up there (long story, I screwed up some dates for something). The girls have also requested to come to Canada for Halloween to go out with Aunty D again, so hopefully you can be around for that. Let me know. Love ya, and miss ya!