Thursday, December 24, 2015

The word on Olay Total Effects

I just started to religiously test out Olay's Total effects 7 in one a couple weeks ago. I really wanted to give it a fair and honest try as my complexion has always been something that I valued very much. Sadly, this last month has taken it's toll on me emotionally. People have commented on how tired-looking and out of character I was looking. They said that they could "see it on [my] face" that I was not myself. As the stresses of work and my emotional situations in life continued to escalate (due to a break up after 7 years and having 6 people in my life pass away within the past 30 days) I haven't been taking care of myself the way I normally would. One day a couple weeks back I woke up and decided that I needed to turn things around for myself. I decided that I would try to do something for myself. I notice that when you're down in the dumps you tend to nit pick flaws...mine were on my face. I needed to turn things around for myself. I decided to finally try out my Total effects 7 in 1 trial package. I figured that it wouldn't hurt and definitely wasn't expecting to see ANY changes...perhaps just softer skin. I had a friend invite me to a 30th birthday party. We were having high tea. I hadn't seen most of these ladies since the funeral of my friend last month. A lot of them had commented that I looked really tired the day of the funeral. Some suggesting that I should even take time off work. I was expecting to hear the same thing at this party as I was feeling just as 'defeated' and 'tired' as I did the day of the funeral. One of my most observant friends said that she noticed that I looked less 'pale' and more like myself at this party. Another lady chimed in and said that she couldn't pin point what was different about me but she said I looked less tired. I couldn't think of what had changed EXCEPT that I had tried out this new Olay product. Could it be? As I took a picture of my terrible skin a couple weeks back I decided to take another one of myself today...and wow, what a difference. The dark spots under my eyes have skin is less bumpy and the colouring is more vibrant on my face. Coming from a non believer of 'miracle' products I am now more inclined to continue the use of this product as even in a short timespan I am seeing some differences. I am amazed to see some changes in my skin and would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who may be a pessimist about skin products.



Eliza Lilys said...

Found you literally 10 minutes ago on instagram through a follow (I'm @elizalilysmiles). Was so stoked to find a fellow blogger and wanted to check out your blog. I love how down to earth your writing is, condolences about your past few months. Will definitely try out the okay 7 in 1 because my skin looks drained from work and everything (I'm even getting breakouts for the first time in my life) Hope all good and I'm happy to chat whenever. ^.^