Friday, October 9, 2009

Wanna Climax?! Become Best Friends with these two!

Who said that sticking things in random holes in your body were bad for you? Become a non-believer of this old saying and give this fantastic toy a try. The Climax Silicone Best Friends will be your first step into erotic anal adventures when you’re with your partner or sitting all alone. This brilliant sex toy includes eight graduated balls connected together with a very durable retrieval ring at the end easy maneouvering. Climax Silicone helps you stimulate the most hidden anal erogenous zones in both men and women and is a great addition to your love making. There is a water-based lubricant that comes with the beads. It works well but at times my partner and I found that it was necessary to put a greater amount of lubricant on when it came to using the bigger beads.

Don't be fooled by its size...I know that my man REALLY likes it and so I'm sure yours will too!!

You really should consider this toy if you would like to spice up your love life or just kick it up a notch! I'm sure you definitely won't regret it!! Check out Topco Sales for more information.