Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dave and Busters- An Arcade for Adults

Dave and Busters is a fun and fast-paced adult entertainment spot where the child in you is invited to come out and play with gambling, video games, and much more. What more could you want from a place that features dining and amusement. It was built as a playground for adults, including midway, arcade, billiars, skeeball and shuffleboard in over 6,000 square metres of fun. They also feature state-of-the-art meeting facilities for your next company getaway.
My god-sister's birthday was a few weeks ago and she was hitting the big 26, so she decided to host her birthday at this video arcade for grown-ups, Dave & Busters.

When I first walked into Dave & Buster's I was blown away by how incredibly nice and spacious it was, the games were not crammed tightly together and there was plenty of room to casually walk around without having to dodge small children. They card everyone at the door and only allow people 19 and older in unless you look 25 years or older. They are very strict on this rule after 10pm. If you are under 18 don't even try to get in, the users at the door will stop you in your tracks.

I would advise eating before you go in to play games, they have a decent menu but the service is a bit slow-paced the dish I ordered came back to me with cold fries. They have a few deals where you get food and a $10 or $20 game card but it's best to just load up on a big game card. If you go only to play games and don't plan on having any drinks, I can barely qualify this as a cheap trip. Your best value is their $50 game card which will easily last two people a couple of hours. Everything at Dave and Buster's is driven off of your game card, pretty much a credit card without the monthly fees. They have games of all styles so if you feel like shooting aliens, driving a race car, or playing space invaders (yes they really have an old space invaders game, I freaked when I saw it) you can easily get your fill. When you're done saving the world from the forces of evil, you can relax with their numerous ticket games. I'm normally not one to play ticket games, but the ticket payouts are amazing and there is an entire store of things you can buy with the tickets. The store has great items, not kids junk, you can buy shirts, glasses, teddy bears, even video games, all very decently priced (in tickets value!) My boyfriend and I gave our tickets to the birthday girl of course! Her boyfriend had a heck of a time holding all of the tickets we all accumulated.

Lest I forget, there is also the greatest thing about Dave & Busters, because of the age restrictions you are allowed to drink on the game floor and carry it with you. Most of the games actually have little switches on them that will call a server to you so that you can place a drink order, or if you're not feeling lazy there are two bars at each end of the building. The drinks are moderately priced and if you're a beer nut like my boyfriend, they actually have some decent micro brew on tap. Overall, Dave & Buster's is well worth the trip and if you used to be a Gameworks junkie, you'll never go back after a visit here.

You can find Dave and Busters at :
120 Interchange Way, Vaughan Ontario
Phone: 905-760-7600
or check out their website for a location near you! http://www.daveandbusters.com/


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