Thursday, June 18, 2009

Different Strokes for Different Folks: The Wet Factor

Ever had difficulty deciding on which personal lubrication works best for you? Ever wonder if there are better lubrications out there than the ones you've been using? Here is my intake on 4 very different lubricants I most recently tested out by a company by the name of Wet.

1) Wet's Original Gel Body Glide is a classic lubricant to have handy in your 'love drawer'. Not only is it dependable for its sustainablility, but it also contains soothing ingredients such as vitamin E and Aloe Vera to keep your skin feeling soft and refreshed after every use. --You just can't go wrong with good ol' faithful! (Condom and toy-safe)

2) If you're looking for a lubricant that works just as well as Wet's Original Gel Body Glide but you also want a little flavour in your intimate adventures, then definately give Wet's Sugar Free Kiwi Strawberry body glide a try. The smell is absolutely irresistable and will keep you wanting more. You won't regret it! (Condome and toy-safe)

3) Wet's Natural: Beautifully Bare is a definately a lubricant to have handy. This is by far one of THE best lubes I have ever, ever, ever used. It's natural, and feels as close as lube ever has to my own fluids. believe the hype! It's the least sticky, most natural lube I've ever used.--Don't take my word for it...go get your own and try it today!! (Condom and toy-safe)

4) Believe it or not Wet has outdone themselves again and come up with an even longer lasting lubricant that will definately blow your mind! If you're looking for a lubricant that keeps on giving then you have GOT to try Wet's Platinum Premium Body Glide. As this product is Silicone-based and not a water-based one, there is no fear that the water will evaporate and the lubricant will lose its slipperiness. One unfortunate pitfall is that it MAY damage silicone toys, therefore I would recommend sticking with one of the other 3 water based lubricants I've introduced above for silicone toys. Nonetheless, I believe that once you've tried Wet's Platinum Premium Body Glide, you'll be recommending it to all of your friends too!!


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