Thursday, September 4, 2008

All About Me!

I am told that I am pretty outgoing and laid back. I do appreciate the things I do have---I'm the RICHEST girl in the world when it comes to family and true friends who are very supportive of me. I have a great career and I'm quite capable of being independent (not that I wouldn't want to be swept off my feet).

This blog will be used to share my thoughts,feelings along with personal critiques, opinions and comments about travel, extreme adventures and products I believe in...stay tuned!!

I'd like a guy who I can run to with tears running down my face and the first thing he says is "whose ass am I kicking babe?"

I wanna be that girl you point at and say, that's her!

Activities I Enjoy:

- spending a lot of my time with my friends, family, or a significant other
-Scuba Diving (when I get a chance to)
-Going to the Gym
-Watching sports of all kinds. (be it in a stadium, on a field, in an arena, on a court or via TV with friends)--my most favourite thing is hanging out with my friends ON the sidelines though--sweet!
-Travelling everywhere and anywhere

Favorite Movies:
Stand by me, Remember the Titans, documentaries, anything comical---especially with Adam Sandler in it!

Favorite Quotations:
"Never give up on someone you can't go a day without thinking about"

"Missing someone isn’t about how long its been since you have last seen them, or since you talked. Its about that very moment when you’re doing something, and you wish that they were right there with you".


Keith said...

Lovely blog.....

Victoria said...

hahaha...HEY COUSIN...
i was looking at your favourite movies and all i have to say is... " what kind of power? SOUL power. how strong? TOO STRONG!!" whoop whoop..and if you don't get that.. you don't watch your favourite movies enough. Sweet ass blog by the way!! woot woot...and i love the kind of guy you like..hahaa..
LOVE Victoria.

Lucy said...

Hello from the link a thon. Love the design of your site. Your site makes #2 out of 100 so far that has a very unique look. Love it!