Friday, July 17, 2015

Medieval Times is a great time in Toronto Ontario!

My Lords and My Ladies,

Please join me in a night of jousting, horsemanship, falconry plus a 4-course utensil-free meal served in a castle-like space. Intrigued?? Allow me to walk you through a visit I promise you that will be memorable and eventful.

As you walk into the castle you are greeted by two castle servants who direct you to the appropriate lines to pick up or purchase tickets. Each guest is then escorted to the entrance of the main lobby where you are given a crown that identifies which knight you will cheering for during your visit at the castle. As you continue your journey into the main lobby, you are greeted by the king or princess of the castle (sometimes both) where you are given an opportunity to take a commemorative photo with them. This $20 keepsake is a great way to capture your memorable visit. Once you have taken your photo you enter the very large and spacious lobby where you can mingle with other guests; have a drink at the bar; purchase gifts. souveniers; view the horses or falcons up close or visit the torture chambers (for an additional fee).

When the show is about to begin a royal trumpet is sounded and you are greeted by the Lord Chancellor who directs the guests into the performance arena.  Once seated you are greeted by your wench or knave (aka server) for the evening. They welcome you into the arena and rev you up for an evening of good food, great entertainment and cheer. The atmosphere is full of excitement and anticipation in hopes that the knight you are cheering for wins the many competitions and games set out throughout the evening to entertain the guests. Aside from the knights jousting and performing, the evening includes the entertainment of majestic horses and a breathtaking performance by falcon that soars right above the heads of the audience.

To keep with the medieval theme, food is served and eaten using only your hands. Your bill of fare begins with the most delicious tomato bisque followed by a dragon scale (garlic bread); dragon wing (half a roasted chicken) served with an herb baked potato and corn on the cob. A vegetarian menu is also available--please call in advance to book your meal). The evening ends with a castle pastry (often a warm apple turnover and in Toronto they serve buttertarts) with your choice of tea or coffee.

At the end of the show there is an opportunity to greet the knights and other actors of the realm out in the lobby for photos and autographs.

I had the opportunity to visit the castle with my family from Ohio and a friend visiting from Australia. My family had visited the castle in Chicago and their experience in Toronto was just as memorable except the castle set up was a little different and the actors were more accessible in Toronto location. There seemed to be more of a lineup in the other castle.

My friend from Australia was a first time visitor. She had never experienced a visit at the castle before and was so pleased and in awe of how fun the evening was. She loved how into character everyone was from the second we walked into the castle until the very end of the evening. I would have to agree with her. This visit is going to be one that we will never forget.

If you are interested in visiting a castle near you, please visit the Medieval Times website.

Attention Teachers: A visit to the castle not only is fun but you can link your trip to many of the Ontario curriculum guide expectations. Check out the following link: Educators click here