Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bigger, Better, Fresher @ The Ram Restaurant and Brewery

I had the opportunity today to visit with an old friend in Wheeling, Illinois today. At first we hummed and hawed about what we wanted to eat while I was visiting. We drove past the oldest old school diner in town where they still serve food on roller skates (can you believe that---how cool!) then Courtney decided that The Ram Restaurant and Brewery would be a great introduction to Chi-town since I already had a taste of Chicago style pizza the night before. So off we went.

I wasn't sure what to expect until I looked at the menu and realized how very overwhelming it was when I looked at what the menu had to offer. There was a TON of variety I didn't know where to start. We finally narrowed it down to deep fried pickles which I've only had one other time in Memphis Tennessee...and I ordered burger called The Hillbilly. You might be asking "wha?" because I sure was. I couldn't help but try it because of the description which said that it's a burger that features "crumbled Wisconsin gorgonzola cheese that is beautifully balanced, sultry and seductive. Frizzled onion, hickory smoked bacon, lettuce and blue cheese mayonnaise." Tell me this doesn't look good

There is a HUGE selection of drinks as well. They have an incredible selection alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. As this restaurant is also a brewery, you can sample many different types of beer if you into that. Overall, I would give the service, food and atmosphere four out of five stars. Do check out their website to find one nearest you!!