Monday, June 15, 2015

Sodastream is sodalicious!!!

The Sodastream is an interesting idea. By pressurizing water with carbon dioxide, then adding a soda flavour, you have now made your very own soda pop. It’s as simple as that.

Why did I first choose to try the Sodastream? Simply because the idea of making a fizzy beverage exactly as I would like it was very intriguing to me. This is especially because I find it very hard to drink soda pop right away because when it is just opened, it is too fizzy.

After using it for the entire month, I have already discovered that it is cheaper than the pre-made alternatives. Honestly, with a SodaStream machine you save money. I remember as a kid always asking for a cold fizzy drink as a treat, and I absolutely loved having company at the house because that meant that my mum would be serving us kids soda with dinner. Now, as a grown up I can have it whenever I want. As mentioned above, I have already noticed a huge difference, first in the savings  from not buying fizzy drinks all the time, but also I have noted a huge difference in the amount I drink everyday and I feel better for it.

Sodastream comes in many different flavours from your basic flavours such as Cola (Coke/Pepsi); Lemon (Sprite/7up) to fruit flavours and even iced tea. For those who are more conscious of the amount of sugar they take in, there are diet alternatives as well. For a more comprehensive list of flavours, please visit

If you decide to make the switch to buying your very own Sodastream, you won't look back, I promise you---so why not just take the plunge into the Sodastream world.