Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger Wood's Public Apology

What are your thoughts?!


Gina said...

My thoughts: Who gives a shit! He shouldn't need to apologize, it's his life not ours, not our concern. He didn't do anything ILLEGAL. He's a cheating bastard, just like a lot of other sports stars and celebs... Not a surprise. He should be apologizing and working on his wife and family not worrying about 'fans' or the media. Go away Tiger, no one cares about you and your asshole ways!

If he wife was smart, she'd stay with him for the cash, but have an agreement that she can be with other people! Either that or leave him and take him for all he's worth, I wouldn't want my kids to be around or think it's ok to stay with someone who cheats, so I would LEAVE!