Thursday, December 18, 2014

REM-A-TEE Night Shirts are worth the investment

Difficulty attending any special occasions or conferences that require you to stay overnight in the same room as anyone else? Been told on numerous occasions that you snore REALLY loud? Find this to be very embarassing? I feel less feminine knowing that my snoring has often disrupted the sleep of others. I've tried snoring mouth guards, pills and even sprays--nothing seemed to work. If I am forced into a situation where I have to stay overnight with someone in the same room, I will usually set my alarm clock to wake me up twice an hour. A few months back I was flipping through the television stations when I encountered a program that was advertising this unique night shirt that claimed to help with snoring. I immediately contacted the company and shortly afterwards was sent my very own anti-snore shirt. Setting the alarm clock to wake me up twice an hour is no longer necessary. I can now rest at ease knowing that I no longer disrupt anyone elses sleep at night.

Here are some other links and reviews on this wonderful product:

Don't believe me? Then try it out yourself.

Rem-a-tee has created a coupon code for me to share with ALL of you so you can enjoy a 10% discount. This discount coupon code is "AFF222''

So what are you waiting for? Get your very own piece of mind and rest with ease!

Check out the Rem-a-tee official website:

(originally posted 4.11.09)

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Franco Massimo said...

If it works I would buy one