Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thursday Thirteen...

Inspired by Ms.Behaving's blog, I've created my very first Thursday Thirteen using the same topic listed in her blog...thank-you.

13 things I’d do if only I had the COURAGE to:

  1. take a chance on 'love'---again without being afraid to have my heart bruised or broken
  2. love unconditionally
  3. trust unconditionally
  4. go skydiving in New Zealand
  5. go back to school and complete a doctrate degree (or change careers)
  6. approach men I believe to be out of my league
  7. speak my 'peace' without having to worry about what others think
  8. lay out on a nude beach
  9. gamble some of my money on the stock market
  10. spend money frivoulously (on a cruise or 5 star hot destination etc...)
  11. eat chicken wings and not worry about the calories or extra 'junk in my trunk'
  12. wear more revealing clothing in public (when I'm not at work)
  13. genuinely accept a compliment without feeling awkward/uncomfortable or expect that there is a 'hidden agenda'

Originally written on 10/23/08 (9:50pm) Revisited on 5/2/2009 (1:05am)


Ms. Behaving said...

WOW...Compared to yours, the things on my list are sooooooo trivial. :-)

Glad to have inspired your post though...

Thanks by the way for visiting my blogspot!

FickleMinded said...

WELCOME TO THURSDAY 13 and great list to start with. :)

Nicholas said...

I like that list! Why does the sky diving have to take place in New Zealand? If you do #12 please post photos!

Welcome to TT!

PopArtDiva said...

D-lo - Many thanks for stopping by my TT and commiserating with me over my stupid act of using a chair for a ladder!

As an artist I compliment you on the look of your blog!

Welcome to the Thursday Thirteen - I think you should try all your things to do! Life is an experiment and an adventure. Be that little penguin in the photo (but I hope he has a getaway car hidden behind that polar bear!)

Duni said...

Your list sounds intriguing. I think some of what you listed is manageable - courage or no courage :)

Happy blogging!

Mishy said...

I'm willing to help with #10!!!

silverhartgirl said...

I love your list. I would also do most oof them if i had more courage.

Christine said...

Dorothy, your blog is awesomeness!! I've neglected mine for awhile but now that you're on here maybe I'll start it back up again. I love your list!! I have trouble with #13 as well.