Thursday, September 4, 2008

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Are you interested in being featured via a review and/or giveaway? Interested in advertising on my blog? Maybe you just have a comment or question for me. Feel free to contact me at any time.

D-Lo's Lounge Offers:

Product Reviews.

I love hearing and learning about new products and services and would be happy to receive a product to review and/or giveaway to my readers. I'm always looking for products in the areas of:

Fashion - women
Technology/Electronics - Hardware, Software, Accessories
Educational Products
Household Products
Entertainment - books, media, events
Kitchen Gadgets, Food, Beverage
Adult Products
Anything themed towards women

I am able to review a wide variety of products and services. Feel free to poke around my blog and read some of my past reviews. I always provide honest, umbiased reviews of products and services. If for some reason I am unable to provide a positive review of your product, I will contact you before posting.
Any company that offers me a product for free to review will be provided with a link to their website as well as a button/banner ad on my main blog page.

Reviews and Giveaways.

Being able to offer a giveaway to my readers provides you with a lot of extra traffic to your site. I do ask that the prize be shipped directly to the winner(s) and my readers will always be directed to visit your website in order to be eligible to enter unless other arrangements are made. Ask me about details about providing a giveaway option.

Advertising Details.

Ad spots are available on my blog page, please contact me for pricing information.

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