Saturday, March 21, 2009

Couples Sensual Sample Kit Review

I was given the opportunity by Topco Sales to put this Adam and Eve kit to the test. Being a ‘newbie’ to the wonderful world of sex toys and cosmetics, let me tell you, I certainly made use of it! Not knowing exactly what to expect, my adventurous significant other and I gladly put the kit to the test.

This Couples Sensual Sample Kit is definitely a good choice for beginners like myself…it contains 8 different items: G-Spot Crème; Dick Plumper Thickening Crème; Sensual Tightening Crème; EZ Anal Desensitizing Spray Gel; Adam and Eve signature spray lube; Go Deep Oral Sex Mints and one powerful multi-speed massager.

All products were put to great use the very first day it arrived (as well as many days following). I found that although the sprays, crèmes and gels were labeled for a certain use, they were quite interchangeable (although I wouldn’t recommend trying to use the crèmes in lieu of the spray gels because the crèmes taste somewhat bitter) .

My absolute favourite product in this entire kit is the Go Deep Oral Sex Mints. They definitely did the trick when it came to keeping the back of my throat numbed yet relaxed for a good amount of time.

I would highly recommend this starters kit for those who are new to dabbling in the sensual world of lubes, crèmes and sprays, as well as those who aren’t. This kit gives you just enough of each product to test more than once and each product is a perfect size for traveling discreetly in your purse or bag (well perhaps not the multi-speed massager)…you just never know where your next adventure will take you or when it might be.

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